FA Core Iso

73.000 JD



ايزو كور من اف ايه. عدد الحصص: 76. القيمة الغذائية: 25 غرام بروتينـ 1 غرام كربوهيدرات، 1 غرام دهون


  • 25 g Protein
  • 1 g  Carbohydrates
  • 1 g Fats
  • 76 Servings


ISO  a series CORE is a highly concentrated product, provides the body purest and best absorbable whey protein isolate. ISO CORE was designed and manufactured using modern, high-tech methods like microfiltration cross multiphase use to obtain the highest quality protein fraction of preserving their biological value while reducing sugar and fat content. One dose ISO CORE offers up to 25 g * delicate protein and 5 grams of BCAA - branched chain amino acids. Protein helps increase the muscle mass and maintain that. The product is recommended for physically active people and all who are interested in healthy and slim figure as well as individuals with the need for an increased dosage of protein.