Inner Armour Nitro Peak

65.00 JD

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Delivers 24G of Protein in One Serving of 36G In one scoop of 36 grams, you get 24 grams of whey protein hydrolysate. It gets absorbed quickly into your body for maximized results and is best for post-workout recovery. 
Gives You 9G of BCAAs and Glutamine per Serving 
Along with a rich supply of branched chain amino acids you also get glutamine. While the BCAAs help promote protein synthesis, the glutamine helps your body deal with the stress after a strenuous workout. Plus, it replenishes the glycogen levels in your body, helping you to recover faster.  
Helps Build Muscle and Increases Strength
This powerful protein formula fuels your muscles with protein which ultimately aids in building muscles and provides strength so that you indulge in a powerful workout.