Bodylogix Vegan Protein

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Brand bodylogix
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القيمة الغذائية: 25غرام بروتين، 9غرام كاربوهيدرات، 2غرام دهون
  • No artificial flavours or sweeteners
  •  High in BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) with over 3500 mg per serving
  •  Gluten-free and lactose free
  •  No added sugar
  •  Sweetened with Stevia (derived from plants, does not contain any calories)
Bodylogix Organic and Natural Vegan Protein
Your Complete Protein Complex From 6 Plant Sources!
Maintaining a healthy protein intake when you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet isn’t always easy. If you’re not eating food from animal sources, there’s a good chance your vegan or vegetarian diet may be protein deficient. Bodylogix® Natural Vegan Protein is the perfect solution. Just one serving provides 25 grams of nutritionally complete plant-based protein. The combination of six different plant-based proteins takes all the guesswork out of meeting your daily protein requirements. Think twice before buying a single or two-source vegan protein. Chances are you won’t get the amino acid diversity your body needs for optimal performance. With six plant-based proteins, we’ve got your protein needs covered like no one else can.